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Intuitive Reiki Master 
Michelle L. Peña


Mind Body Spirit Harmony.

Customer Testimonials

I had a Chakra Balancing as well as a Soul Story Reading with Reiki Master Michelle and it transformed my life. I reached a point in my life where I was feeling confuse, frightened, and anxious. The Reiki consultation revealed that my chakras were locked especially my throat, heart, and root chakra. The Chakra Balancing unlocked the flow of the life force energy which restored my faith in the Universe. I am now able to see the Universe clearly and have access to solutions to which I was not able to before. I can now speak my authentic truth without fear. I feel love, powerful, safe, and secure. I feel balance within myself and one with the Universe. Additionally, Reiki Master Michelle is kind, compassionate, and understanding. She is non judgmental and is sensitive to your needs. She only works with the "light" to bring you specific and personal recommendations in assisting you to get in touch with your Soul, power, and love. Furthermore, I did a Soul Story Origin Reading with her. This reading revealed where my Soul has been, my Soul transformations, what my Soul needs to be nourished, and how to access my Soul's intent and desire while living in my current life journey. I now know who I am, what I want, and where to go in my current life journey. I encourage everyone to get a Chakra Balancing & Soul Story Reading because once you heal the Soul, the mind, body, and everything else will follow.

- J. A., Texas 9/2016