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Intuitive Reiki Master 
Michelle L. Peña


Mind Body Spirit Harmony.

Soul Origins Readings



Intuitive and Clairvoyant Michelle will look into the Soul's Journey to give you the story of your Origins. Messages of empowerment and self-awareness help to bring you more than just your journey, but gives insight and clarity to your Essence and what it means to be a balanced, harmonious, well-rounded YOU. Your Origins reading will be a story you will want to cherish, share with loved ones, and re-read again and again as you continue your Soul's journey in this lifetime.

Have you ever wondered where your Soul has been before this lifetime? Have you felt the resonance with certain things in your life and wondered how or why they came about? Do you feel you are much more than what is visible on the surface? Would you like to become aware of all that you have become until now in your evolution and how you can use that knowledge to benefit your life in a harmonious way?

Call today to get your reading and experience Your Story like you've never heard it before. Your Story will be transcribed and then E-mailed to you. You will then have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about your story in a 45 min. Q&A phone consultation scheduled after your reading.

Soul Origins Reading (Reading e-mailed + 45 min. follow-up Q&A Phone Session) $173 +tax