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What is Reiki? The word Reiki means "universal life force energy", coming from the word Ki in Japanese, but is also known as Qi, or "Chi" energy in Chinese. It is the essential life force energy that permeates throughout all living things and all of space and the universe.

What does a Reiki / Distance Reiki session feel like? The energy received during a Reiki session is soft, subtle, and perfect for relaxation. It is a great stress releasing alternative to massage therapy. Reiki uses universal life force energy to transform the energy flow within your own body, that is also a part of this larger universal field of energy, so that you are flowing harmoniously and can experience balance and an overall improved state of being.

Does Reiki / Distance Reiki really work? Don't let the soft, subtle, and peaceful relaxing nature of this universal life energy fool you into thinking it is not a powerfully transformative energy force. You are made of universal energy, the balancing effects of a Reiki session can be a powerful tool in helping you to feel more like yourself and more how you were meant to feel, in the flow with the river of life. Further, this rebalancing of your energy body has been known to help activate the natural energy rhythms of your body by bringing them back into harmony and working in such a way that you feel self-activated healing energies within your body. 

What are some of the benefits of Reiki / Distance Reiki?

Reiki has long been an integral part of many eastern and ancient medicine systems and is now being scientifically recognized as a great complimentary therapy to traditional western medicine as more and more benefits become self-evident.

Please be aware I am not a medical professional, I will not diagnose or give any medical advice / care and you should consult your health care provider for any health questions / concerns.

Here is a short list of some of the benefits as reported by clients themselves during a Reiki / Distance Reiki session and some the days after a session; however, everyone is unique and as such individuals experiences will also vary.

  • a deep state of relaxation during a Reiki / Distance Reiki session
  • better sleep with overall improvement in being able to fall asleep at night up to several days following a session
  • stress relief and release
  • improved overall mood and emotions during and several days following a session
  • better clarity in decision making
  • an overall improvement in feelings of peace and hope for current and future life situations
  • and much more... read our Client Testimonials

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REIKI Distance Energy Session (recommended for those not able to attend locally) $75

REIKI Harmony Session (approx. 60 min.) $75 *currently unavailable at the moment.