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Intuitive Reiki Master 
Michelle L. Peña


Mind Body Spirit Harmony.

Meditation Private Instruction Guidance

Meditation Beginner Class


Experience the awakening to a new connection with your true self, your Inner Self. Meditation has been practiced by many spiritual paths of differing faiths because of its complete and proven success in awakening of one's inner self, and with it more clarity and wisdom from your own intuition.

Are you a beginner in meditation?  Are you new to the practice of meditation altogether and looking for a supportive Guide with clear and private instruction? Are you worried you can not quiet your mind enough to meditate?  Are you looking to bring a sense of peace and calm back into your mind and life? Do you meditate regularly but are looking to bring back that feeling of true connection once again?

Let Michelle be your instructor and guide as she helps you to achieve that quietness and peace within as you receive this exclusive and private meditation motivation instruction. Classes are given as private individual appointments so that you are sure to have one-on-one quality instruction with an understanding and caring person who will listen and work with any questions that may arise. Let Michelle be your guide and experience the true essence of meditation and all its benefits.

Private Meditation Motivation Instruction (approx. 30-45 min. session) $45