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Find out how your Aura and Chakras are doing with an energy reading by Intuitive and Reiki Master Michelle.

What is your Aura? Your Aura is your bio-magnetic energy field that surrounds you on a personal level and it is what people "feel" (your vibe) as you interact with others. The auric body energy field can be affected by many types of energies, from the people you interact with, to the spaces that surround you on a daily basis. 

What is a Chakra? The word "Chakra" translates from the Sanskrit meaning "wheel or circle" and it is meant to represent the energy centers of your subtle body. Chakras, are the life force energy centers of your body that emanate from within and are connected intimately with your emotional states, and thus your overall sense of well being. Chakras are also sometimes referred to as meridian points that run throughout the body, as in Chinese medicine. Although seven major chakra centers are most recognized within the western holistic community; other minor chakras also sometimes recognized.

Get a clear view about what may be the root issue of your energy body blockages and what you can do to help keep your life force energy flowing freely through you. Experience the renewed vitality of your life energy today.

First time visit? Don't know where to start transforming your life? Try the Chakra Consultation.

CHAKRA CONSULTATION Balance and Clearing (approx. 90 min.) $150 +tax
A private and personalized Chakra Consultation with Intuitive and Reiki Master Michelle will tell you all about how your chakras are doing and what blockages or negative effects may be hindering you from living the life you were meant to live. Receive an energy clearing of your blocked chakras and feel the powerful healing energy of the crystal work as Master Michelle is intuitively guided to do the rest. This powerful session lasts approximately 90 - 120 min. and is available in-person at the McAllen, TX office or by phone for your convenience.

CHAKRA Energy Detox (approx. 60 min.) $75 per session
*Each session focuses on one major chakra at a time for detox and so it is highly recommended that all seven chakras are completed for maximum benefit.